Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fast and Furious and journalist failure

Today I am treated to a story on the failed ATF program digging a deeper hole.  Unfortunately, no matter where I look, this appears to be a page 2 story behind "Dog Bites Man".  Apparently, alleged sex scandals involving unelected political candidates is more important than a poorly thought out justice department operation and the efforts to cover it up.  Even more interesting is that this dates back to the Bush administration, so really the media should be having a field day blaming him.

While I would love to see this scandal given the appropriate coverage and tone, since it has been documented by both US and Mexican criminal investigations that this has resulted in deaths in both sides of the border, I see little interest from the media to address it.  Right now, then entire ATF organization should be under scrutiny, all managers in the operation under suspension and all current operations under review.  By now, indictments should be pending against those managers.   

This really plays into my frustration with the media.  I understand that in reality, they are selling a product (newspapers, magazines and ad space on broadcasts and internet sites) and they have to provide something that draws people to their product.  However, since this is the case, I really would like the phrase "journalistic integrity" stricken from use.  I don't see it being practiced, so why pretend that it exists?  The media should be focusing on this and calling for blood.  Instead, they are setting up shop on Herman Cain's front lawn while his political opponents wax poetic on his virtues now that he has called it off.