Sunday, October 25, 2015

F#$king California...

I went to the store today to purchase a new shotgun.  I have determined that I hate shooting skeet and trap with a pump.  A local store had a entry level over/under model on sale for very good price.  I normally use a different store to purchase my guns (4 out of my last five, and the fifth was transferred to a new owner there) but both price and a poor sales person inspired me to take my money elsewhere for this purchase.

When I arrived, I found that the only person certified to complete the sale was at lunch.  As I was going to get lunch after, I reversed my plan and had lunch first.  When I returned I found the gentleman there and ready to help me.

I expected paperwork.  California has decided that this is the first step in gun control.  However, I forgot that a new law came into being this year.  Last year I only needed a safety certificate to buy a pistol.  Now you need one for all firearm purchases.  I had my handgun safety certificate in my wallet, so when he told me of the change I thought I was set.  Nope.  I needed the new spiffy one.  Okaayyy...

The salesman completely understood my annoyance.  He thought it was stupid as well.  So now I have to pay an additional $25 to take this test.  Fine.  Then I get the test and find it is just as worthless as the pistol test I re-certified on last year.  I found that several of the questions were (in my opinion) trick questions.  I basically went with what I thought the Brady Campaign would want as the answer and ended up with a perfect score.  However, taking the test and having everything entered into the computer added a half hour to my experience.

Then we got to the rest of the paperwork, made more difficult behind the scenes by local ordinances, and spent another 45 minutes.  After all of that, I still get to wait 10 days to pick up the gun.  And I get to fill out more paperwork when I pick it up.  Did I mention that I can't wait to move out of California?