Saturday, April 25, 2015

Life Lesson.

When unpacking groceries in the presence of a teenager, it is unwise to observe out loud that the pumpkin pie you just bought has an expiration date of that day.  It will be seen as a challenge.  On a related note, I was unaware that an entire 10 ounce can of whipped cream topping would be required to complete that challenge, although a small amount did go on top of the mug of hot chocolate.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Whelp, the rest of the shoe rack dropped...

So life has sucked.  Last fall I lost my wife to heart failure.  Following that I had to become a foster parent to keep custody of my step-daughter.  Shortly thereafter I had to give up my wife's service dog.  Then, just after the deadline to apply Family Medical Leave Act protection to any of the time off taken for this series of event, my manager issues me a written reprimand for the "unscheduled time off" that was taken to deal with my wife's illness and death.  This despite the fact that he never told me that there was an issue with my attendance over that three month span.  After protesting the reprimand to HR, I was rebuffed because "it doesn't matter what the time off was for, just that it was taken."  Now I had to endure 12 weeks of meetings with this manager (now two levels above me) and my director (three levels above me) using a method of measurement that was weighted against me.  When I pointed this out I was told that my view of it did not matter and that I had to "just deal with it".  After that was finally finished, I was greeted with notice that I am part of a Reduction in Force at my company.  Due to my treatment over the last six months, and the fact that the VP giving me the news had manipulated me into actions after my reprimand that set me up for this, I told him (when asked if I had any questions or comments) that I had nothing polite to say to him and left the room.  In retrospect, I can understand why they escorted me out of the building 10 minutes later, but it was still poor treatment after 13 years of service.  Less than a week later, they cancelled my corporate AMEX.  Somehow, I don't think that I will be offered a job anywhere in the company.  And if I was offered another position, I don't know that I would take it.  I intended to retire from this company.  Now I doubt I'll have the opportunity.