Friday, November 12, 2010

Denair, almost ashamed I grew up there...

Sadly, Denair

I read about this yesterday and I couldn't comment. I was beside myself.  I grew up in Denair.  I went to that school.  I am utterly incensed that these school officials would have the gall to order an American flag taken down because of "racial tension".  I would think that this would be a wonderful time to educate the children on the meaning of the flag that represents the country in which they currently live.  They could educate the children on the sacrifices made by the members of our armed forces under and in defense of that flag.  What they have done is the lazy way out, one that is sadly taken far too often by school officials these days. 

I am proud of my Irish heritage.  I celebrate St. Patty's day like others with Irish blood.  However, I don't demand that everyone else give up the right to be proud of their country during that day or all of the days of the year.  If you live in America and think that your country of heritage or birth is so great that you must display that flag year round and complain when someone puts up an American flag in America, I suggest you scoot your happy ass back to that country, whatever it may be. 

An observation on Europe...

So I am reading an article on the UK government pushing a bill that would require a referendum on anything vaguely resembling the recently adopted Libson Treaty.  I was amused when that boondoggle was in process, watching the only country to vote on it turning it down.  The theater that went on afterward (Many in the EU calling the Irish silly for voting no and then demanding a second try) was all the more entertaining. 

I live in America, and I am very proud of it.  No, my government is not the best run, nor are the people of my nation always on the best of behavior.  We have 50 states and they are all important, even the ones I don't ever plan to visit.  However, I look at the EU, and I really have to wonder why so many in Europe are hell bent on reducing the relevance of their countries on the world stage to the equivalent of the state of Massachusetts?

Friday, November 5, 2010

My private reading room.

Years ago I used to make fun of one of my friends because when he went to use the restroom, he would take a book with him.  And usually it seemed that he would cover several chapters while in there.  I was of the "get in, get done, get out" camp and it amazed me that he would take that much time on the throne. 

Many moons later (pun intended) I find that I have a stack of American Rifleman magazines on the bathroom counter that get regular use in that location.  I don't know when this started, but now I regularly reach for an issue while taking my daily constitutional.  My wife now gives me a hard time about it, always calling from the other side of the door "Did you fall in?"

I do my best not to walk in there with an actual book.  I have noticed that several bloggers whom I regularly read have actual bookshelves in their bathrooms.  I think my wife would kill me if I tried that.  Also, steam from the shower would wreak havoc on the books.  We have poor (actually, non-existent) ventilation in our bathroom.  On several occasions when my wife has been away, I have walked in with a book and spent so long there (Ok, just to the end of this chapter...) that my legs went to sleep.  Have you ever sat there so long that when you finally do decide to stop reading, you don't entirely recall if you just relieved your bladder or made a substantial deposit?  Just me? Oh, never mind...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The McRib, a confession...

Everyone has a vice.  That thing that they have to have no matter how bad for them.  One of mine is the McRib.  Yes, it is horrible for me, possibly the environment, possibly for global warming.  Now, admittedly, the last one is enough for me to jump up and purchase one, but really it is not needed.  From my days of youth, when I was much lighter and in worlds better shape, I loved these things.  A bit of nostalgia from when I had a lot less responsibility and a lot more free time and money.  Oh, yea, and I could eat damn near anything and not gain weight due to a very active lifestyle.

So, while I am out looking for something to eat for lunch (having gnawed through the barbed wire and dodged the guards to escape the building for said lunch) What do my eyes spy while putting gas in my truck but the big banner on the McD's across the street proclaiming that "It's Back!"  Since I live in the SF bay area, this is not a regular occurrence.  After filling my truck I drove straight over to enjoy the processed pork heaven.  And it was.  Greasy, drowned in bbq sauce, with just the right amount of onions.  That and a large fry and I am on my way to a coronary. 

So what could make this lunch better?  As soon as I get back on the road I hear "Here I go again" by Whitesnake on my radio.  Just had to turn it up and sing off key all the way back to work.  As I turned my truck off, a thought struck me (rare, I know, but no actual injuries occurred).  Is it more frightening that I had to crank the volume and sing along, or that I still knew all the words?

My Dad was right...

So, back in 1992, I was young and thought I knew everything.  I sat with my Dad on election night, laughing as Clinton took the election.  My Dad was visibly upset.  Nearly 20 years later, I really wish my Dad was still with us so that I could apologize and tell him how wrong I was.  I have to admit that I was happy to see the democrats get smacked this election.  However, I don't know that there will be much of a change.  Lots of talk about repealing the Obamacare legislation, but I am sure that is all we will see.  No real action.  As for Obama himself, old Hope-n-Change, I hope when he is out of office I still have some change left in my pocket.  With luck, I won't have to see a second term for him.  Unfortunately, when his re-election bid arrives, I have a feeling it will be choice between the lesser of two evils.  How I miss the push for Cthulhu to run for office...