Saturday, August 29, 2015

You act like it existed...

I have just watched a news report on the BBC about some journalists that have been sentenced to 3 years in prison.  Something that the newscaster said made me laugh.  She reported that Amnesty International said that the sentences were a death-knell for free speech in Egypt.  I actually backed up the DVR to make sure that I heard it correctly.

It seems that at some point, many people in this world lost track of something.  Freedom of Speech is not something that is guaranteed wherever you go just because you are a journalist.  Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press is in fact restricted even in countries like America and England.  If you are standing in a country that has blasphemy laws in place, there is no such thing as Freedom of Speech or Press.  Additionally, if the country is run by communists or dictatorships these items don't exist.  Your press credentials have all the rights and powers afforded toilet paper in these countries, and is likely worth less on the street.  So, while I sympathize with these men on the unfair situation that they find themselves in, please remember that Freedom of Press never actually existed there.