Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Oh, the Oscars were on?

I was asked by a friend today what I thought of the Oscar awards.  They were surprised when I replied that I thought the Sharks played well and stuck to their game to get the win.  Apparently I have committed a social faux pas.

You see, I watched the awards shows when I was much younger and had the illusion that they meant something.  Later I realized that they are really a way for the industry to pat themselves on the back.  It also allowed an insulated group to profess their often vapid political statements on camera.  I also realized long ago that basing your political beliefs based on your favorite actor's statements is like using a match to check for the location of a gas leak.

So, watching these people parade around in six figure outfits so that they can receive six figure gift bags and possibly a statue for the mantle is not really interesting to me.  And add in the ridiculous whinging over the nominees was just a joke.  I did the same thing this year that I have done for the last several decades, which was something else.

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