Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sometimes it just doesn't pay...

To chew through the leather straps...

JK Rowling has published several new entries on the Pottermore website expanding the Harry Potter universe.  For those of you who don't know, this is a series of books (and movies, and theme parks, etc...) about a fictional world where magic is real and a great many groups of people are represented in the magical world differently than they would be in a true life story.  Because its a work of fiction.  This is important to remember, because some people seem to fail to grasp these small details.

It seems that a number of Native American writers have gotten their shorts in a bind because JKR dared to write them as other than they exist in real life.  In work of fiction.  She failed to research every last detail of the history of the Native Americans and present them in a historically accurate (and apparently properly sensitive) way in her works of fiction about a world where magic is real.  Did I mention that this is a work of fiction?

Now, I will happily be the first to say that the Native American people got screwed the moment the Europeans set foot in North America.  They lost everything.  I will not deny that they had it rough, and allowing them to open casinos on their land is just a drop in the bucket towards making reparations.

That being said, please give me a break.  I am quite sure that you have bigger things to deal with, for example, disproportionately high rates of poverty, infant mortality, unemployment, and low high school completion rates.  If this is your idea of striking out for your people against those that would oppress them, then I am not surprised that the above mentioned problems continue to linger.  You see, those problems exist, as opposed to the alternate representation of your people in a work of fiction about a world where magic exists.  

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