Saturday, February 25, 2017

A little perspective would be nice.

I have been posts in my Facebook feed about the treatment of an Australian children's author by the TSA in  LAX.  She was accused of having an incorrect visa for her trip.  Shockingly, the TSA officials were wrong.  However, she was still held in a TSA holding room and grilled by overzealous agents for two hours.  They apparently thought that this 70 year old author was up to some nefarious plan instead of treating it like the minor paperwork it should have been.  And again, they (the TSA) were in the wrong.

So what might rub me wrong about people showing righteous indignation over this in my Facebook feed?  As Bobcat Goldthwait once said, "Learn to hate correctly".  You see, all of these people are all blaming our new president and his immigration directives.  You know, the same ones that were issued by his predecessor and by his presidential opponent's husband while that man was in office.  To quote Uncle Al, an "Inconvenient Truth".  (disclaimer:  Trump was not my candidate.  Nor was Clinton.  I disliked the both for office.  The election happened and we have to live with the outcome)

Unfortunately, this is not really where the blame should lie.  You see, the TSA has been a giant ball of suck and fail since it's inception, and blaming him for the continuing failures of that organization is like blaming Ronald McDonald when you get a bad cheeseburger.  Researching this will show many occasions where TSA agents went about an overzealous and incorrect detention and questioning, not to mention the invasive and embarrassing searches.

So, if you want to bitch about it, go ahead.  Just make sure you are blaming the correct people.

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